January 2015

HSF startup team meeting notes, Jan 12 2015

HEP Software Foundation Startup Team Meeting notes Jan 12 2015


Present: Torre, Amber, Andrea, Dario, Pere, Richard, Daniel, Graeme
Apologies: Michel, Peter, Liz

Meeting notes:

==== News on contact meetings & discussions

HSF Startup Team: 12th meeting

Mon, 2015-01-12

News on contacts made, discussions had, ...
SLAC workshop

HSF - iFB meeting notes, Jan 7 2015

Brief meeting notes for the Jan 7 HSF iFB meeting

=== Status report from the Startup Team

Pere reported for the startup team. See the slides.

*** the old CERN IFB list has many more names on it than the new google groups one. We should cross-check the old list with the new one.

Question on how many signups to the generator/theory doodle poll: there are ~6-7 respondents so far. 

=== Discussion of SLAC workshop draft agenda, advance questionnaire, ...

HSF meeting at CHEP 2015, Fri Apr 17 2015

Fri, 2015-04-17

The CHEP 2015 organizers have kindly agreed to include in the Conference planning a HEP Software Foundation meeting early Friday afternoon Apr 17, just after the conclusion of the Conference. Time and details are to be determined, but with very many flights to Tokyo available in the late Friday afternoon and evening we hope that many will be able to include the HSF meeting in their CHEP plans without significant disruption to their travel plans.

The meeting will provide a good opportunity to

Guidelines and questionnaire for HSF workshop and discussion contributors

Here we provide background information, guidelines and a questionnaire for contributors and participants at the HSF Workshop, SLAC, Jan 20-21 2015, and as background to discussions with the HSF startup team.

For a very brief statement of HSF motivation and objectives see the HSF website homepage.

HSF Startup Team meeting notes, Jan 5 2014


  • Graeme, Pere, Torre, Daniel, Frank, Michel, Liz, Amber
  • Apologies from Andreas, Dario


HSF Startup Team: 11th meeting

Mon, 2015-01-05
  • News on contacts made, discussions had, ...
  • SLAC workshop
  • iFB meeting preparation
  • AOB

HSF - iFB: 7th meeting

Wed, 2015-01-07

We will be reporting on the progress made in the last month by the startup team and the SLAC workshop. The meeting is open to whoever would like to be involved.