February 2015

Communication and Information Exchange

The number one priority for the HSF was identified early to be communication and information exchange. Early actions in this area have been the establishment of the website, google groups for email/web discussion forums, the software catalog and knowledge base integrated with the Drupal website, a prototype MediaWiki implementation of the software catalog and knowledge base. Issues under discussion include social media outlets and a modern tool offering the popular features of HyperNews.

HEP Software and Computing Knowledge Base

October 2015 bulletin: The Drupal based S&C knowledge base has been superseded by a new standalone implementation, which is (of course) faster, more scalable and extensible, and easier and more to use both as a reader and an editor/contributor. Check it out at hepsoftware.org, give your comments, make some contributions.

Reconstruction Algorithms Forum

The reconstruction algorithms discussion forum is an open forum to discuss all matters of event recounstruction and pattern recognition in high energy physics and similar domains. All are welcome to join the forum and participate.

Reconstruction Algorithms Discussion Forum

Software Projects

A clear message from the SLAC workshop was that the notion of incubator projects -- cf the Apache Software Foundation; is relevant to the HSF. Brian Van Klaveren who gave the exceptional ASF talk at the SLAC workshop provides this link describing how ASF Incubator projects work.

We have been compiling a set of project guidelines that all HSF projects should try to fulfill.

Software Licensing

Providing recommendations and standards for software licensing has been identified as a high priority for the HSF. To this end the software licensing working group is being established.

Software Packaging

The software packaging and distribution activity and working group is getting underway to address common issues, tools and, and approaches, convened by Liz Sexton-Kennedy (FNAL) and Benedikt Hegner (CERN). The activity was launched with a meeting on Feb 25 2015. All are welcome to join the forum and participate:

Software Packaging Tools Discussion Forum

Development tools and services

Both CERN and Fermilab have expressed willingness to support some development tools and services for the HSF community, once technical issues are worked out. For example, access to TechLab resources at CERN. In other areas the HSF may provide guidance, recommendations, templates etc. for the use of open source tools. This working group will plan and coordinate activities and service offerings in this area.


Message sent to the HSF forum on March 26 2015:


Working groups

The HSF initiates, plans and coordinates activities via Working Groups. Those so far established or being established are as follows. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Get involved

How to get involved

Our goal is to make every effort going on as transparent and open as possible. Our official communication channel is the hep-sf-forumSimply send a mail with ‘subscribe’ as the subject (not content) to hep-sf-forum+subscribe@googlegroups.com

HSF Startup Team: 15th Meeting

Mon, 2015-02-23


  • Activities update
  • Establishing working groups
  • Website organization
  • Next IFB meeting