February 2015

HSF startup team meeting notes, Feb 23 2015

Meeting notes for the Feb 23 2015 HSF startup team meeting

Attending: Torre, Pere, Benedikt, Amber, Andrea, Liz, Daniel

Apologies: Dario

### Updates

Torre - summary still in progress

Pere - recuperating!

Andrea - on Wed having the packaging discussion led by Benedikt (who joined the meeting).

Liz - trying to get Fermilab people to join that meeting.

HSF startup team meeting notes, Feb 16 2015

Present: Dario, Michel, Andrea, Pere


We devoted the meeting to review the actions of the SLAC workshop and went through the list of possible ’working groups’. Torre informed us that he has stated to write the summary of the workshop. Michel thinks that what we need is the summary of the summary. 


Training working group

Thematic CERN School of Computing 2015: Efficient, Parallel Programming and I/O for Big Data in Science

Sun, 2015-05-17 to Sat, 2015-05-23

The 3rd thematic  CERN School of Computing will be held in Split , Croatia  from  Monday 18  May  to Friday 22 May 2015 evening. The school will be organized by CERN in collaboration with the University of Split (FESB - www.fesb.hr) and will be hosted at the Mediterranean Institute For Life Scien

Meeting series:


HSF training and education notebook

A google document developing HSF training and education plans

Training section of the knowledge base

Here you will find training related organizations, events, software packages that have been added to the knowledge base. Please contribute to the knowledge base to fill out the content!

Packaging and Build Tools

Wed, 2015-02-25

Follow up to the HSF workshop at SLAC the LHC experiments' 
librarians decided to have a first technical discussion on packaging and 
build tools and to summarize our experiences and requirements.

HSF Startup Team: 14th meeting

Mon, 2015-02-16


  •  News on follow-up activities after the SLAC workshop

HSF startup team meeting notes, Feb 09 2015

Present: Andrea, Dario, Michel
Apologies: Liz, Pere, Torre

News on follow-up activities after the SLAC workshop

Dario: following the ongoing discussions about training. Graeme has created a mailing list. We should leverage on the existing Bertinoro and CSC schools. Bertinoro is currently concentrating on concurrency. It is not targeting only HEP people. We should do more to also provide tutorials to young physicists who have just graduated from university but have no real programming experience, otherwise they may produce quick and unmaintainable code.

HSF Startup Team: 13th meeting

Mon, 2015-02-09 to Tue, 2015-02-10


  •  News on follow-up activities after the SLAC workshop