April 2015

Project Guidelines

The following is a skeleton for the minimal requirements for a project to be considered as part of he HSF. That main motivation being to ensure interoperability and usability of this project in other projects and being able to build consistent software stacks. In addition it should make it easier for other developers to contribute to existing projects.

This is work in progress and details will need to be discussed and agreed with community.

HSF Startup Team: 21st Meeting

Mon, 2015-04-27

HSF startup team Apr 27 2015 meeting notes

Meeting page

Present: Torre, Michel, Pere, Daniel, Benedikt, Graeme, Richard, Liz

Apologies: Andrea, Dario


HSF Meeting - Okinawa - 17/4/2015


Introduction and Status


  • OpenStack Foundation: was seen as not giving enough visibility to the projects hosted by the foundation. Evolving along ideas very close to HSF ones!
  • R. Mount: WLCG should become a part of HSF or partner with it...
    • Not a complete agreement, WLCG more than SW development. May encourage SW projects in WLCG to participate to HSF.

Algorithm Forum - M. Elsing

HSF Startup Team: 20th Meeting

Mon, 2015-04-20

- Digest of HSF meeting at CHEP
- Activities, working group updates
    - Software Projects
    - Training WG
    - Software packaging
    - Software Development and Services
    - S&C Knowledge Base, communication, social media
    - Technical notes
    - Forums (reco algorithms, concurrency, ...)

Startup team meeting notes Mar 30 2015

Present: Andrea, Andrew, Liz, Michel, Pere, Torre, Benedikt

Excused: Dario, Graeme

Activities, working group updates