June 2015

HSF Startup Team: 29th meeting

Thu, 2015-07-02

Meeting notes for the July 2, 2015 startup team meeting


Present: Dario, Andrea, Pere, Benedikt, Amber, Michel, Liz,

Apologies: Torre, Andrew,

Technical Notes

The Technical Notes policy is set out in the first technical note. Finalised notes and some of the later stages of the acceptance process are stored in the HSF GitHub repository.

HSF Startup Team: 28th meeting

Mon, 2015-06-22

Meeting notes for the June 22, 2015 startup team meeting


Present: Torre, Pere, Benedikt, Daniel, Andrew, Andrea

Apologies: Michel, Dario

Startup meeting timeslot

The doodle suggests that Thu 5pm works well. Agreed that we will move to Thu 5pm CERN time effective next week


IFB meeting readiness

Expected presentations:

HSF Startup Team: 27th Meeting

Mon, 2015-06-15


  • General items
    • Startup meeting timeslot
  • Activities, working group updates
    • Packaging
    • Training
    • Licensing
    • Technical notes
    • others: SW projects, Communication and KB, development tools/services
  • Agenda for iFB June 24th (see https://indico.cern.ch/event/400188/)
  • Next workshop
  • AoB

Meeting notes

Present: Adnrea, Dario, Liz, Michel, Torre

HSF Startup Team: 26th Meeting

Mon, 2015-06-08


  • Startup meeting timeslot
  • Activities, working group updates
  • Agenda for iFB June 24th
  • AoB

Meeting notes

  • Present: Torre, Dario, Andrea, Michel, Pere, Liz, Benedikt
  • Apologies: Andrew

General items

  • Pere: AIDA presentation went OK. Some isolated HSF criticism, positive on average. No useful critical messages.
  • Michel: meeting at IN2P3 last week, presented HSF, IN2P3 is very supportive, foresee more involvement from France.

HSF - iFB: 9th meeting

Wed, 2015-06-24

We will be reporting progress made on the various HSF Working Groups. We expect the meeting will be longer than usual and for that we have reserver 2 hours. The meeting is open to whoever would like to be involved.