Communication and Information Exchange

The number one priority for the HSF was identified early to be communication and information exchange. Early actions in this area have been the establishment of the website, google groups for email/web discussion forums, the software catalog and knowledge base integrated with the Drupal website, a prototype MediaWiki implementation of the software catalog and knowledge base. Issues under discussion include social media outlets and a modern tool offering the popular features of HyperNews. This working group and activity will address these issues and the evolution of HSF tools and services in these areas.

HEP software catalog and knowledge base

HSF at github

An umbrella organization for HSF activities that produce code (or other materials in need of a repository) is at github: HEP-SF.

Discussion forum tools

  • What are the good discussion forum tools? What can replace hypernews?
  • HSF is using google groups
  • ROOT uses phpBB for RootTalk

Social media

Other explorations and ideas

  • Reddit as a discussion tool? We seeded a hepsoftware reddit topic area but haven't used it thus far. Reddit has many general science and software communities (and a lot of dregs of course) so a foothold there would not be out of place. Reddit has a web API and a nice Python module ("praw") which can allow for various automation to be developed.  One can also style (CSS) the sub-reddit significantly.  I'd be interested in the former (if we needed it) but I'm not so good with the latter. (Brett Viren)
  • Establish an IRC channel? e.g. as a realtime communication channel during webinars?

Tools, resources, good examples

  • Qt forum, ExtJS forum: I found these two examples outstanding: I posted questiona and a few of my own bug fixes in them and was favorably impressed by the overall average quality of contributions (Dario Menasce)