Guidelines and questionnaire for HSF workshop and discussion contributors

Here we provide background information, guidelines and a questionnaire for contributors and participants at the HSF Workshop, SLAC, Jan 20-21 2015, and as background to discussions with the HSF startup team.

For a very brief statement of HSF motivation and objectives see the HSF website homepage.

As an initial step towards creating the HSF, in spring 2014 the HEP software and computing community was asked to submit short white papers conveying ideas as to how the HSF should be constituted and how it could be useful. The submitted white papers are gathered on the HSF documents page.

The startup team was constituted in Sep 2014 to synthesize these documents and other inputs into a startup program and plan to get the HSF going. The startup team released the White Paper Analysis and Proposed Startup Plan, linked from the documents page.

Supplementary to this plan, also based on the white papers and other inputs, is the following specific list of possible activities and services the HSF could undertake depending on need. We would like your input on the list, and/or anything you think is missing from it:

  • Project hosting infrastructure
  • Building and testing infrastructure
  • Teams for certification and integration
  • Software repositories and package managers
  • Access to computing resources on many platforms and architectures
  • Access to software development tools
  • Training in software technologies and tools
  • Support for IP and licensing issues
  • Peer reviews
  • Access to scientific software journals
  • Task forces or “SWAT” teams to solve specific issues
  • Consultancy for new experiments or projects

Participants and contributors to the workshop are invited and asked to review these materials, and have them in mind in preparing presentations and inputs to the workshop. As a further aid in focusing feedback on key questions where community input is needed, we have prepared the following brief questionnaire. Please consider and ideally address these questions in your presentations and inputs. If you would simply like to give us your view on the questions, there is a google form version of the questionnaire.

  • In general terms, what should the HSF be and do, and what should it not be and do? What should its main areas of focus be, among the following or additionally?
    • Evolving software to optimize performance
    • Promoting compatibility, interoperability and integration testing
    • Promoting common software developments: making the HSF a place where people can bring their ideas and projects and turn them into common efforts
    • Improving communication and expertise sharing within HEP and with non HEP partners
    • Support for software careers and training
    • Incubating and promoting innovation
  • Any feedback related to the work performed so far by the startup team?
  • Could you comment on the white paper analysis/startup plan document?
  • How could the HSF be helpful (not helpful) to your project? Which of the proposed activities/services could be helpful, and are we overlooking others?
  • What can you and/or your project bring to the HSF? Do you see potential to form new collaborations via the HSF, e.g. through parts of your projects becoming common software efforts?
  • What should the next steps for the HSF be after the SLAC workshop?

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