HSF Startup Team: 24th Meeting

Monday, May 18, 2015


  • Presents: Torre, Daniel, Michel
  • Apologies: Pere, Dario, Greame

General News - Contacts

Nothing specific... it seems difficult for almost all members of the startup team to do real work for HSF...

Activities and Working Groups

Software Projects

Daniel: incubator idea is a very good one, how we could progress, interested to participate despite a very limited time

Technical Notes

Andrews said in a email he had been overwhelmed after Okinawa but that it was on his todo list and that he was still hoping to initiate them soon.

Knowledge Base

Torre understood how to extract information from the database either by querying directly with SQL requests or with a Drupal plugin

  • Drupal plugin painful to setup and produces a lot of errors: not really usable, concerns about Drupal scalability for our purpose...

Wondering if GitHub Pages/Jekyll is not a better approach

  • This "static file" approach adopted by more and more open source projects for their documentation: does not really limit what can be represented, very fast due to the pre-processing
  • Jekyll collections could provide the necessary support for the KB
    • See Awesome project who is very close to our KB idea and also be a base for a training portal
  • To be seen if Jekyll alone will be sufficient or we would need thin layer over GitHub Pages but convinced that this would be much simpler than doing it with Drupal
  • Less risk of CMS/vendor lock-in: people will not fear to put their information into a blackbox where it cannot be retrieved from

MediaWiki: seems to work better than Drupal for what we try to do but certainly not an easy path...

Torre may find some time to do a small prototype

  • Michel ready to help, even though he cannot commit about its availability

Newsletter Proposal

An attempt to improve the communication about what we do: probably our minutes are not read by many... Thus the idea of a curated information distributed as a newsletter.

We should probably to do it to make an example of what it could be.

  • comments welcome


Discussion with M. Elsing about pattern recognition mailing list: any feedback?

  • Richard had an action on him to discuss with Markus to identify the appropriate possible coordination between HSF and the Pattern Recognition Forum without an unnecessary duplication of mailing lists

Meeting next week: holidays in USA and France, do we cancel?

  • What about CERN?
  • We need to have a meeting soon with more participants...
  • Next meeting with iFB will be the following week...

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