HSF Startup Team: 29th meeting

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Meeting notes for the July 2, 2015 startup team meeting


Present: Dario, Andrea, Pere, Benedikt, Amber, Michel, Liz,

Apologies: Torre, Andrew,

Main messages from iFB meeting last week

  • Pere: Communication is something that we need to improve. Use the main mailing list hep-sf-forum to post any relevant information. For example pointing to new topics being discussed in the other lists. We need the HSF newsletter.
  • Very few people present, somehow an extended startup team meeting
  • Shared the opinion that we need to improve on communication and achieving results. The lack of concrete results is a also a problem. Somehow a vicious cycle.
  • We should not be discouraged. Things will be better when concrete little achievements will be realized.

Activities, working group updates


  • Liz: Got together with Benedikt to put together an outline of the packaging document. Not much time to work on it this week. Next week will be able to come out with a draft. Using a new tool like of Google Doc and LaTex (instant rendering of LaTex).
  • Benedikt: Identified that we need to have a convention for naming platforms: processor architecture, compilers, OS, etc. Will be a Technical Note later after some circulation.


  • Dario: There is progress in the training to run pieces of code remotely from within a web browser (see Dario's slides he send to the startup team). One of the problem this is solving is keeping in sync the documentation and the software. Discussion with Pere about the work the ROOT team is doing with notebooks. Dario's proposal is somehow more general. For example, you can tutor for about Qt designer, for which the notebook approach is perhaps not adequate.
  • Pere: The ROOT team is designing a couple courses (beginners, and advanced) to be included in the CERN technical training catalog. Similarly the Geant4 team. Of course, this should be then added to the more HSF general training catalog.


  • Andrea: more information is needed to make the right choice of license. For example, the pictures from Benedikt should be added.
  • Michel is ready to make some re-wording to make the document more acceptable to everybody. By next week meeting we could have a new proposal. The document should be open to receive comments.
  • Pere: the right choice of copyright holder is also very important can can have big implications on the evolution of the software. Probably are organization's contains in this.

Technical notes

  • Nothing new

others: SW projects, Communication and KB, development tools/services

  • Benedikt had a discussion with CERN IT about the tool for profiling applications they are developing and presented at the last concurrency forum meeting. They intend to put this tool under the umbrella of HSF. He will follow this.
  • Michel: we need to add a page in our web to list the 'member' projects, and check if they comply with the current guidelines. ==> action Pere.

Next workshop

  • Towards the end of the year. Perhaps we should have at the same time as last year in SLAC. Call for proposals for hosting the workshop. ==> Make a call with target dates between mid-January to mid-February.


  • Torre could work on the HSF Newsletter after the proposal he is working

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