HSF Startup Team: 31st meeting

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Indico Agenda

Meeting notes for the July 16, 2015 startup team meeting

Present: Dario, Michel, Andrew, Andrea, Benedikt

Apologies: Liz,

Activities, working group updates


  • Waiting for Liz to work on the document. Once it is there we can distribute it to all parties and to the Froum.
  • Naming conversions proposal document. Got feedback from Brett and LIM meeting of LCG. Discussed with CMS with positive feedback. They will send some minor changes. Distributed to the Technical Forum until there is no objection. A mail should also go to the general HSF mailing list to announce that there isa proposal being discussed in the Technical Forum.


  • Benedikt asked who takes ownership of the document once it has been modified by several people. It should be clear who holds the master document.
  • Andrea suggested interested people meet together to finalize the document (working group). Probably this is not needed at this moment.
  • The editor now is Michel. He will circulate latest version before holidays.
  • Andrew will add in the text his suggestions.

Technical notes

  • Andrew had troubles to use the website. Agreed that the template documents should go to GitHub documents project.
  • Document repository was created and should be use for files like templates. https://github.com/HEP-SF/documents
  • Pere will have a look at the protections of the website

others: SW projects, Communication and KB, development tools/services

  • xrootd has been contacted and has been added into the list of projects


  • Dario: start populating the WikiFM with material. They are able to run a remote graphical console within the browser. Example of ROOT: editing a macro, running it and visualizing the results. So far no feedback has ben received.
  • Since we start produce documents, we may need to have a HSF logo. Probably a contest should be organized.
  • Pere circulated a draft of the ROOT courses in preparation for the CERN.
  • Dario proposal to organize a visit to CERN and have discussions with relevant people on the topic of training.


  • Andrea participated to a meeting organized by Tim Head in LHCb on how to reward and recognize people working on software. This is very relevant for HSF. This is early proposal and is something to pursue. Tim could be invited to the workshop in January.
  • Benedikt: CMS once setup the achievement awards for software and computing. This was also mentioned in LHCb meeting.
  • Meetings during the summer break. Doodle to see what meetings to cancel. Michel suggest to restart the last week of August.

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