HSF Startup Team: 35th meeting

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Present: Pere, Liz, Benedikt, Dario, Andrea, Riccardo, ...

Apologies: Torre

Indico Agenda

News and General updates

  • CMS Presentation S & C - No comments. Collect the presentations on accentual place in the Web.
  • Open Source Foundation. Pete introduced this. There will be meeting with them. Torre, Liz, Pete The money involved in hiring layers ... It would be simple. Getting the information has no cost and is probably worth.
  • Andrea: DIANA has been presented to CMS? SSI2 proposal (NSF grant deliverable was about define a plan). Software Sustainability. NFS is now recognizing software as a pice of hardware that needs to be maintained and not just a by-product of some research activity.
  • Ian Bird presentation


  • Riccardo joined the meeting.
  • Join with the effort of ROOT. In test to have single platform.
  • A start to WikiToLearn platform backing up the project by the physics department. Getting momentum (in Italy).
  • Reluctance of people to put the material.
  • Text Books: ROOT O'Really book, Springer book on HEP software development. Get contributors by crowd sourcing. We only need to find volunteers. We could pay them would be a possibility. Students are used to get notes and write them into courses notes collaboratively.
  • Dario and Riccardo will go to Fermilab to present what they have been developing.


  • Giulio post that the CMS system was migrated to Alice. Some changes were made to be open to other experiments.
  • Liz: two worlds are now being settled: CMake and independent script-lets.
  • Andrea any tools should be designed to be as general as possible. We should get a presentation from Giulio. CMS will put some effort to collaborate with Alice on the tool.


  • Comments to the draft document (from Liz).
  • The restrictive license is always necessary in practice because we will always have one component that will be restrictive. When a component has the potential to be widely used then it need to be very permissive.
  • Table combining license needs to be added into the document. The format is a bit screwed and perhaps we need to make it Latex.

Technical notes

Software knowledge base and communication

SW projects, development tools/services

  • Benedikt is waiting for feedback for the template by the startup team (private mail for the time being)
  • Tomorrow he will have a session wit a candidate using the templet.

Discussion on next steps, plans for the fall

  • No quorum to discuss.

Logo Context

  • Tab in the web.
  • We need to advertise the contest. Voting mechanism. Newsletter should be a way to advertising it.


  • Nothing.

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