Machine Learning Forum

The Inter-Experimental LHC Machine Learning Working Group IML has been launched recently. The group is focused on the development of modern state-of-the art machine learning methods, techniques and practices for high-energy physics problems. The group provides solutions, software and training beneficial for all LHC experiments as well as a forum where on-going work and relevant issues are discussed by the community.


  • Develop & sustain MML4HEP expertise – it is not just about software, but need ML know-how & insights, e.g.
    • which algorithms to use for which problem
    • how to tune hyperparameters
    • how to deal with non-continuous or missing variables
    • Troubleshooting, novel applications, data vs. MC,...
  • Series of dedicated LHC ML challenges to further strengthen & grow MML-HEP interaction, so we can more effectively collaborate


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