Startup team meeting notes Mar 30 2015

Present: Andrea, Andrew, Liz, Michel, Pere, Torre, Benedikt

Excused: Dario, Graeme

Activities, working group updates

  • Software Projects
    • No news on this
  • Training WG
    • Graeme: Summarized a long e-mail. Software Carpentry implies some sort of certification after 8-12 hours. Overoptimistic on the material. We sold avoid creating some barriers.  We probably should do both: our thing and get in contact with them. He contacted some colleague on how to get started. 
    • Comment to Dario’s proposal: WikiFM is quite nice and produces nice pages. Markdown should be sufficient. A bit hesitant to recommend at this moment. Flexibility is very important. Should be easy for people that want to contribute with tutorial material. 
    • Liz: CMS uses Github to add tutorial material. We can use ‘tags’ to get consistent state of material For example of problems and answers to the students.
    • We need to minimize the effort by people for collecting all possible material. 
    • Some concerns about WikiFM. It is perhaps a bit restrictive. 
    • Graeme will work with Dario to produce some slides for the CHEP meeting.
  • Software packaging
    • Jim Kowalkowski will be approached by Benedikt again. There will be a meeting this week. Get involved in github discussion. 
    • Prepare the vision to CHEP meeting.
  • Software Development and Services
    • Not much progress on the Coverity service yet. 
    • Tech lab announcement on the availability of new architectures such as ARM64.
    • Is anybody going to be at CHEP from TechLab?
  • S&C Knowledge Base, communication, social media
    • Nothing new. Torre would like to make it more appealing and get more contributions.
  • Technical notes
    • Andrew: Preparing a straw man document with the policies and procedure for acceptance of notes. The format can be PDF and provide a Latex template. People car use their preferred word processor copying the format from the Latex template.  The document will be ready before to CHEP. He will prepare some slides.
    • Everything sounds very reasonable.
      Benedikt suggested that packing discussion could be a note candidate.   
  • Forums (reco algorithms, concurrency, ...)
    • Created the forum but there is no followup.
    • Algorithm Forum meeting
  • Licensing
    • No progress. 

Okinawa agenda

  • We should count on a rather short meeting (2-3 hours).
  • Liz has volunteer to prepare and deliver the talk for WLCG. She suggested to re-use some of the existing material.
  • Mentioned that this meeting could be an opportunity to get policy-maker people.
    • Perhaps a good moment for the licensing discussion
  • Proposed agenda layout:
    • HSF intorduction
    • Algorithm Forum presentation (early in the afternoon)
    • Woking groups update
  • Algorithm Forum  early in the afternoon
  • Pere will create an agenda in Indico.
  • Check the Techlab and Fermilab participation.
  • Members of the startup team participating: Liz, Michel, Pete, Graeme, Torre, Andrew, Pere, Dario, Amber