HSF Startup Team meeting notes, Dec 15 2014


Present:  Liz, Pete, Pere, Andrea, Frank, Graeme, Michel

Apologies: Torre, Amber, Daniel, Dario



  • Contact meeting plans
  • SLAC workshop update
  • Other topics?

Contact meeting plans

  • Daniel with the help of Liz sent out on Thursday the invitation message to the Intensity Frontier community. Some small complains on the number of Doodle options. People from the start team should also put their availability. There was the question whether the time zone support was enabled. The 8am slot should should correspond to 3pm at CERN.
  • Pere prepared and sent the invitation to the MC generators community following the same template as for the IF. Meeting Frank Krauss (Sherpa) tomorrow in the context of  HepForge. 
  • The ALICE meeting is scheduled for January 12th at 17:00.  
  • Discussion on the LHCb contribution to the workshop scheduled for tomorrow.  
  • Michel contacted some colleagues from Orsay for nuclear physics and  Giovanni Lamana contact person for CTA.
  • Pete organized a meeting with  CMS S&C for January.  David Lange has confirmed his participation to the workshop.
  • Frank contacted Jan Strube that will be presenting the ILC views.
  • Michel mentioned that the fastjet people are not coming to SLAC. 


SLAC workshop update

  • We felt that to know the list of registered participants to the workshop is important for scheduling and soliciting contributions. A mail was sent to Richard and will be asking again (==>Action Pere)
  • The skeleton agenda was drafted by Michel and Pere. There has been little feedback. We need to have much more publicity of the agenda very soon.
  • We agreed to enable abstract submission in indico to get the list of possible contributions (==>Action Michel)
  • Suggested to remove the "lighting talk" mention and change it by "short presentation”. Some other working need to be polished in the agenda sessions information. In particular, mentioning what projects could bring to the Foundation should be added.
  • Agreed to start sending direct invitations to projects to contribute to the agenda (user’s view session).
  • Pete has sent an invitation to Niel Chue Hong (Software Sustainability Institute) for the learning from others session.  He still needs to confirmation from the other two speakers with  the new session sc
  • Somehow a category of ‘users’ are not mentioned explicitly in the agenda, this is the people providing services across experiments (e.g.  LCG for the LHC, FNAL team for IF or Desy for  LC)
  • Everybody in the startup team can improve the agenda.
  • We need to update startup plan document before the workshop. Basically continuing with the Google docs.  Suspected that Liz is not yet fully in all mailing lists.


Next steps

  • Compose a mail with a pointer to the WS agenda and invitation to contributions. We needs to give maximum publicity.
  • Start filling the agenda with concrete presentations.
  • We meet again next Monday at the same time slot.