HSF startup team meeting notes, Dec 22 2014

HEP Software Foundation Startup Team Meeting notes Dec 22 2014


Present: Torre, Michel, Pere, Liz, Peter, and our special guest Richard
Apologies: Andrea, Dario, Daniel, Graeme

Meeting notes:

==== News on contacts made, discussions had, contact meeting plans, ...

Regarding a meeting at CHEP we agreed that we will ask for a Friday afternoon slot, it is compatible with people making long haul journeys homw to catch evening flights to Tokyo. 
**** Torre will follow up with Hiroshi. Will ask for mention of our meeting in the next CHEP bulletin.

Pere - only one person subscribed to the doodle poll for a generator meeting. 

Met with Frank Krause (Sherpa, HepForge). Pere's mail had triggered some discussion. Some skepticism, they're unsure what we're really trying to do. Didn't get a clear idea from web pages and white papers. Good synchrony in the discussion. Community could be interested in a software validation system: validating on different architectures, versions, etc. Would require real effort and material resources. He will look for a US west coast person to participate in the workshop 

Had a further LHCb discussion. Someone will be at the workshop in person, not decided who yet. Discussed expectations for the workshop.

Torre - asked ATLAS S&C management about arranging a meeting prior to the workshop.

Having an exchange with SLAC astro (LSST) folks Tony Johnson, Richard DuBois about arranging a meeting. Interested in meeting prior to the workshop. 
Richard: "Are you aware of the ADASS conference series? They’re CHEP-like for astro computing. It might be interesting for the two communities to introduce each other. Both have conferences this year."
**** Indeed looks very interesting, we should connect with them.

Encouraged PNNL/Belle II involvement in the workshop while at PNNL for a review. They will participate (one person already signed up). Doing very interesting work on conditions database, a next-generation system based on web proxies in front of a DB, drawing on the CMS and ATLAS experience (Frontier). Good candidate for a talk.

Liz - Not much response on the IF meeting. Will take more beating of the bushes. 

Michel and Dario sent summaries of further contact discussions to the list.

==== SLAC workshop

Torre - thanks to the SLAC folks for arranging auto updates of the attendee list. About 49 people are registered at the moment. 

**** We should specifically ask people to tell us if they plan to participate remotely.
There may be a fair number, it is a high threshold to actually come to the workshop.

Richard - should be OK for vidyo. Room has two A/V setups. Vidyo a bit out of the ordinary, will make sure it's installed and working before the meeting. Should be well miked. 

**** Richard will volunteer a vidyo-aware person who is at SLAC the week before to prep for vidyo.

Michel - could do a vidyo trial run after the holidays. 

We discussed various aspects of the agenda and talks:
- avoid repeating talks/content from first workshop
- ensure a focus and adequate time for planning the next steps of the HSF
- Rene Brun coming, welcome a talk from him, should arrange with him a talk covering new ground with respect to his first workshop talk, e.g. learning from others, how contributions were added into ROOT. Pere will meet with him after the holidays
- new detailed report on the technology/systems landscape from the US HEP Forum for Computational Excellence working group on Systems, could be good basis for a talk. FCE also has Tools/Infrastructure and Applications Software working groups; should examine those also for talk possibilities when available (Tools/Infrastructure just came out in draft)

Various possible meetings/discussions for Thu 22nd beyond the post-mortem:
- photon science discussion
- Geant4 discussion
- astro if we don't manage a discussion prior to the workshop? (But hopefully we will)

Funding agency attendance plans: US DOE and US NSF have unconfirmed plans to attend. Should make clear to non-US funding agency people that remote attendance is an option.

Briefly discussed the various interactions with DAQ/online folks people have had. Agreed that while we don't have the startup manpower to make DAQ/online a focus, DAQ/online is certainly under the umbrella of areas relevant HSF, and we welcome early involvement via proactive people in the DAQ/online community engaging with HSF.

==== AOB

No meeting next week. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We will interact by email until we meet on Jan 5 to organize ourselves for the Jan 7 IFB meeting.