HSF Startup Team meeting notes, Jan 5 2014


  • Graeme, Pere, Torre, Daniel, Frank, Michel, Liz, Amber
  • Apologies from Andreas, Dario


  • News on contacts made, discussions had, contact meeting plans, ...
    • Daniel: Date and time for the Fermilab meeting will be fixed today.  Liz and Daniel has been talking quite a lot of time with Fermilab people (Jim, Lothar, and others). They have many ideas on what the the Foundation should be doing and vision.  Pere mentioned that we should plan for two hours meeting although people have many constrains (if people need to leave they could leave). For the meeting with the IF community we do not have yet a fixed date and time. The idea is a small presentation of the sort of presentation that we have been giving to CMS and experiments and then have a lot of tine for discussion and feedback. We should encourage to submit abstracts to the workshop. 
    • Torre: Makoto Asai is going to submit an abstract. Tony Johnson and Richard DuBois from SLAC astro will participating and submitting an abstract. Asked ATLAS S&C management for a pre-workshop meeting, management is discussing their HSF perspective with much useful detailed input from Markus Elsing (ATLAS software co-coordinator). Photon science is also going to have a presentation. In general, we need to be very proactive to solicit contributions from the people registered to the workshop. 
    • Liz has been nominated to give a talk for CMS. 
    • Pere reported on the status of preparation of the MC generators/Theory pre-workshop meeting. He will be meeting (video) Christian Caron from Springer to follow up the idea of launching a concomitant scientific (open access) journal for the HSF. Michel is also interested to join. 
  • Preparation for the SLAC workshop
    • Torre proposed a technology landscape talk by Michael Ernst. This was generally agreed and felt to have it early in the workshop timetable. We would need to workout on the scheduling, but perhaps a good timing would be after the "learning from others” session in the morning. 
    • Agreed to put together a contribution list (not in Indico yet). Basically a bulleted list with the names and topics. Torre agreed to circulate the version version very soon.   
    • Guidelines and questionnaire for the authors. Pere has asked Andrea to create a web document collecting all the bits of information we have so far. It would be nice to have it for this week iFB meeting.
    • Torre asked whether there are any clear ideas for Thursday. Liz asked how long it should last, probably not later than 4pm.  The only entry in the agenda is the iFB meeting with the workshop post-mortem and followup. There are no parallel meeting so far. Concrete ideas should also be written down to the bulleted agenda and circulate.
    • Pere asked if we should re-send an other reminder. We should probably wait for the questionnaire and  guidelines.
    • There is no registration for remote participation. Agreed to create a doodle poll to get an idea of people intending to participate remotely.
  • iFB meeting on Wednesday
    • Pere will be preparing an delivering a presentation
    • Key messages:
      • Focus on the workshop with a more concrete agenda.
      • Document by Andrea on the guidelines.
      • CHEP HSF meeting is fixed for the Friday afternoon. There will be a plenary meeting on the Challenges of Developing and Maintaining HEP "Community” Software. Speaker(s) is going to be contacted.
      • HSF should act as an information clearing house for common proposals (see recent minutes). The information could be in our web site's software knowledge base part.
      • No news from Brett on a new way to put the information using the semantic Mediawiki. Pere will be contacting him. 
  • AoB