HSF - iFB meeting notes, Jan 7 2015

Brief meeting notes for the Jan 7 HSF iFB meeting

=== Status report from the Startup Team

Pere reported for the startup team. See the slides.

*** the old CERN IFB list has many more names on it than the new google groups one. We should cross-check the old list with the new one.

Question on how many signups to the generator/theory doodle poll: there are ~6-7 respondents so far. 

=== Discussion of SLAC workshop draft agenda, advance questionnaire, ...

*** We should send a message to the HSF mailing list about the meeting at CHEP. Don't wait for the next CHEP bulletin, it won't come for a while. Do this after updating the IFB mailing list.

Richard Mount - Any request made to CERN management regarding what they'd like to say (if anything) at the workshop?
Ian Bird - I can say something about the WLCG view. LHCC sees HSF as strategic.
Torre - would be worthwhile to hear this message at the workshop.

Ian - at the CERN Council in Dec there was a push from the DG on a process to make HL-LHC part of the roadmap. There is some urgency to provide contributions to a document on this. There is an opportunity to get software into the document, which could be advantageous -- being in the roadmap could open the possibility for EC funding in the future, so this could be a route to EC funding for software.

Pere - providing services will take resources, there is no free lunch. So it would be good to hear that resource providers recognize this.

Richard, Torre - for US, DOE and NSF will be represented, remains to be seen whether the US funding agencies will be able to say much, though for DOE they could describe what they've already done to materially support HSF like goals through the DOE HEP Forum for Computational Excellence.

Graeme - spoke to UK responsibles, they see potential benefits and potential dangers also, not clear they'd be able to make a statement. Probably any hard statement is unlikely.

Michel - we are close to the limit of what we can do with just best effort today. Can foresee needing people with a real commitment. Hopefully from the SLAC workshop outcome the resource providers will see the message that resources will be needed.

There was discussion around the point that not every project will be interested in every feature. Needs will be different, levels of membership/involvement will be different.

It was pointed out that the questionnaire will be available as a form people can fill out, as well as being included in the guidance document. (The form exists and is circulating for comment in the startup team.)

It was pointed out that the opening presentation at the workshop should include discussing what the goals of the workshop are.