HSF startup team meeting notes, Feb 16 2015

Present: Dario, Michel, Andrea, Pere


We devoted the meeting to review the actions of the SLAC workshop and went through the list of possible ’working groups’. Torre informed us that he has stated to write the summary of the workshop. Michel thinks that what we need is the summary of the summary. 


Training working group

  • Dario explained the page Graeme is preparing that he has updated quite a lot. Two main ideas:  we need to reduce the gap between the University education in S&C for scientists and the specialized Schools such as CERN School of Computing, Bertinoro School. And we need to introduce new type of training material such as recording of courses and interactive exercises.
  • Andrea got input from Tim Head that he is willing to join the training working group. The idea of organizing an open meeting with the all interested people was raised.  
  • Different type of materials have been discussed (video recordings, ipython interactive sessions, …)
  • Concerning the organization of a topical meeting, we will be asking Graeme but Dario can also volunteer. 
  • Agreed that this working area is a good point to start and rather urgent. In other scientific domains S&C training is perhaps more difficult than HEP.  


Packaging and build tools

  • The first meeting has been scheduled for February 25. The announcement has been made through the HSF Forum. 


IP and licensing

  • We need to collect the relevant documentation in a dedicated page and start forming a discussion group.
  • The report from the Task Force on Open Source Software Licence at CERN has been added into the Documents page of the web.


Access to computing resources

  • Ian offered CERN TechLab but there was the problem of granting access for people not at CERN. We need to contact TechLab to see what are the technical possibilities to achieve this.


Building up the list of first projects in HSF

  • Need to contact the guinea-pig projects identified at the workshop and others to be the first projects in HSF.
  • In a couple of weeks we should be able to present the results and the main concerns.


Defining the Foundation Software Lifecycle 

  • Agreed that this is for later, after the guinea pigs have been identified. 


Software knowledge-base.

  •  We should get an update from Brett.



  • We should have a iFB meeting on March 4th to report progress
  • Michel: at the WLCG meeting in Okinawa the Sunday before the CHEP conference, somebody should be presenting the status of the Foundation is possible.