Working groups

The HSF initiates, plans and coordinates activities via Working Groups. Those so far established or being established are as follows. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Discussion Fora

  • Concurrency Forum
  • Reconstruction Algorithms Forum
  • Machine Learning Forum
  • hep-sf-forum is the general announcement and discussion forum for the HSF. The 'Interim Foundation Board' overseeing the HSF is the self-defined group of interested persons who join this group and participate in IFB meetings. HSF meeting announcements are posted here, as are meeting minutes, including minutes of the startup team meetings. The forum is intended for discussion, not just announcements; all are welcome and encouraged to use it as such.
  • hep-sf-tech-forum is the general open forum for technical discussions on HEP Software Foundation topics. Anyone subscribing here should be prepared for technical emails, so posters should not be shy about posting technical issues! Topics can be forked off to dedicated forums as appropriate.
  • hep-sf-training-wg is the discussion forum for the training working group.
  • hep-sf-packaging-wg is the discussion forum for the packaging working group.
  • A HEP S&C community mailing list for occasional HEP software and computing community mailings. Everyone involved or interested in HEP S&C is encouraged to sign up to this list. It will be used for occasional mailings of community wide interest, such as announcements of HEP S&C conferences, workshops and schools.


HSF seeks to serve new and emerging common projects through a project incubator activity. Templates to guide and aid new projects are being established. The Projects WG is working to establish project membership/participation/life cycle levels and for the principal focus of incubator projects, put together useful templates. Projects with a declared interest in involvement with the HSF include the following. If you'd like your project to be involved just let us know. Talk to any member of the startup team or email


The HSF is establishing services identified at the SLAC workshop and in consultations as useful to the community. Wherever possible these services leverage existing resources, such as HEP institutional resources and open source software.