Software Projects

A clear message from the SLAC workshop was that the notion of incubator projects -- cf the Apache Software Foundation; is relevant to the HSF. Brian Van Klaveren who gave the exceptional ASF talk at the SLAC workshop provides this link describing how ASF Incubator projects work.

We have been compiling a set of project guidelines that all HSF projects should try to fulfill.

Initial set of Projects under the umbrella of HSF

Name Description License Contact
DD4hep Generic Detector Description toolkit for HEP GPL v3 Markus Frank
fads FAst Detector Simulation BSD-3 Sebastien Binet
Gaudi Event data processing framework Unk Marco Clemencic
HepMC3 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators Unk Witek Pokorski
ROOT Data Analysis Framework LGPL v2 Pere Mato
XRootD High performance, scalable fault tolerant access to data LGPL v3 Andrew Hanushevsky