Data Science @ LHC 2015 Workshop

Monday, November 9, 2015 to Friday, November 13, 2015

The LHC experiments have been producing the largest amount of complex data. 100TB/s of real-time data analyses and analyses of 100 EB of data are anticipated and planned for. The field of data science beyond statistical methods has been producing advanced, intelligent methods for data analysis, pattern recognition and model inference. This workshop will engage the two communities towards cross exchanges and applications that can forge accelerated progress in big basic science questions.

Some of the topics that will be addressed include cutting edge pattern recognition methods for elementary particle identification; intelligent detectors that learn from their failures and self-adjust to increase their performance efficiency; fast reconstruction of charged particle tracks; high-rate event selection algorithms that learn to select rare physics processes; advanced data techniques that can guide discovery and other challenges that can profit from advanced computational methods and resources.

The workshop includes plenary presentations, tutorials and hands-on hackathon-type of ML exercises as well as directed and undirected discussion and brainstorming time.

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