HSF Startup Team: 33rd meeting

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Present: Andrew, Michel, Pere, Dario, Benedikt, Liz, Frank

Apologies: Torre

Indico Agenda

General updates

  • ML workshop will be announced in due time


  • Summer vacation in the middle.
  • Two main issues: preparing the list of training subjects and the compilation of their material. It is chicken and egg problem. We need to have material to attack people and people to provide material.
  • Dario has found people for the development of the training platform. The name WikiMedia has been changed to WikiToLearn. There is interest at the University for its development (Dean of Milano University). Gaining some momentum, which can be useful for later financing.
  • The main idea is a "remote desktop" run from a web browser. This could be complementary to what the ROOT people are developring based on Jupyter notebook.
  • Need to organize a visit to CERN to have a demo of the technology that have been developing.


  • Brett answer concerning the Nix system is already in the forum.
  • All the elements are ready for making progress in the document.


  • The document was sent to the startup mailing list. Michael will send to the technical forum list. Pere suggested a double posting: in the technical forum and the at general list pointing to the discussion.
  • Discussed whether to indicate any deadline for the comments and approval? Initially it is not needed, but perhaps after seeing the evolution of the comments we can fix a deadline.
  • Dario mentioned that colleagues of him are preparing a very similar document.
  • Michel mentioned that the document is not really a policy, it is just a set of guidelines. A debate whether it should have a strong policy will take years.
  • Discussed about the names in the document: agreed that everybody in the startup team. They should send to Michel the agreement.

Technical notes

  • Andrew: The first NT is now in Github. And drafts for the next ones.
  • 3 notes in preparation: licensing, naming conventions, note from Brett.

Software knowledge base and communication

  • Pere summarized was has been implemented by Torre.
  • People can give feedback to Torrre.

SW projects, development tools/services

  • Benedikt is waiting for feedback for the template by the startup team (private mail for the time being)
  • Frank mentioned that 'gtest' is now included. This is good but we need to facilitate its installation to people.

Discussion on next steps, plans for the fall

  • Newsletter should be a reality.


  • Benedikt: Suggestion by Frank about the FindXXX macros moved in the repository. Write a README file with the agreed conventions
  • Liz asked on behalf of Pete the across-experiments activities we have managed to spawn.
  • Announcement the topics to be discuss for two meetings.

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