HSF Startup Team: 34th meeting

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Present: Torre, Dario, Michel

Apologies: Andrea

Indico Agenda

Quick notes from a short small meeting:

General updates

Logo contest:

  • Torre will set up a page on the website, people can add there the candidate logos thus far, we can then include the logo contest in the newsletter


  • Dario: WikiToLearn site gaining momentum, people are starting to put material in, not all is relevant to us but some is


  • timescale to finalization: no later than the newsletter (1 week? two? not ten ;-), the newsletter will include mention of the finalized document

Technical notes

  • need to sort out the link-to-pdf business

Software knowledge base and communication

  • Torre: some progress on knowledge base, one essential feature still needed before it is ready: adding relations. Should be soon. It is now up persistently (or should be) at hepsoftware.org.


  • Michel - computing school recently held in France around topics such as continuous integration, code versioning... interesting material, at least for French speakers... will send a link

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