It's time the HSF had a logo, so we're holding a contest. Put your creativity to work and enter... the contest will conclude when there's a winner!

Just upload your contribution to http://it.wikitolearn.org/Main_HSF_Page/Some_proposals_for_the_HSF_logo and send an email to the HSF startup team .

Our wish list

Apart from your idea for the greatly looking logo, there are a few technical conditions to make a contribution useful for the community:

  • the logo has to be in a scalable, non-raster, vectorform (PDF/SVG/EPS),
  • the logo should work both in coloured and monochrome representations,
  • we would need versions of it in different aspect ratios allowing different usages (like top-banners, side-banners, etc),
  • nice-to-have - but not a requirement - is making the original file you used for creation of the logo available.

Finally, we would like to put - at least a variant of - the logo under a free license, so that other projects can use it to denote a connection with the HSF. Similar to the concept of the open use logo of the Debian project.

Looking forward to your ideas!