See the talk by Torre Wenaus and Pere Mato at the Sep 2014 meeting of the Interim Foundation Board for the startup plan accepted by the IFB, and the events page for progress reports at HSF meetings since. The HSF is currently being launched by a startup team. Pere Mato and Torre Wenaus are the startup team leads. The current team membership is as follows.


A priority for the organization is to support focused efforts and also broad inclusiveness. We can achieve both if we can engage the broad community effectively, as well as core volunteers. Focused efforts on identified priorities by core volunteers can be supplemented and expanded by seeding and encouraging broad involvement such that community engagement amplifies the effort.


Besides this website, the main communication tool so far in use (taking over from CERN e-groups) is Google Groups. Groups established thus far:

An open forum hep-sf-forum ( to which anyone interested in following and participating in the HSF can subscribe. This forum has taken over from the IFB e-group. HSF meeting announcements will be posted here, as will meeting minutes, including minutes of the startup team meetings. The forum is intended for discussion, not just announcements; all are welcome and encouraged to use it as such.

A startup team forum hep-sf-startup-team for startup team internal communications.

A HEP S&C community mailing list for occasional HEP software and computing community mailings. Everyone involved or interested in HEP S&C is encouraged to sign up to this list. It will be used for occasional mailings of community wide interest, such as announcements of HEP S&C conferences, workshops and schools.

Further topical forums can be added under the HSF umbrella. If you're interested in establishing one let us know.


See the Events listing on this site for information on HSF meetings, workshops, etc. Meetings use CERN indico for agenda pages. The pages are open to the world, no CERN account needed. So is Vidyo, the conference system we use. Connection info is on the indico pages. However should you need to upload material to the agenda, a CERN account is needed. CERN provides lightweight accounts to non CERN affiliated people when needed. See

Developing this site

Participation in developing and building content in this site is open to all and strongly encouraged. See the Contact page (in the left navigation menu if you have created an account and are logged in).