HEP Software Foundation Workshop, SLAC, Jan 20-21 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 to Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Richard Mount, Pere Mato, Torre Wenaus

The HSF had a workshop at SLAC's Kavli Auditorium in January 2015, Tue 20 - Wed 21, with discussions continuing on Thu 22. The main goal of the workshop was to refine the next steps for building the HSF. The workshop was successful in this, with about 100 participants (80 local and 20 remote) contributing to establishing a concrete set of community mandated activities for the HSF. Several workshop summaries presented around the community are attached to this page. The list of registrants is available on the workshop website linked below. Remote participants are indicated in this doodle poll.

Pre-workshop solicitation for input: Since we are stressing the bottom-up style of the HSF initiative by asking the opinion and suggestions to the whole community,  you are also encouraged to submit a contribution proposal using the abstract submission page. In preparing your contributions please make use of this document of guidelines and questions to address.

The agenda is available.  In outline the program is:

  • Survey briefly what has been done so far (previous workshop, startup team, White Papers synthesis, startup plan, etc.) 
  • Invite a range of large and small projects to briefly express their views on how the HSF could be useful to them, and what they can bring to it
  • Invite a wide range of experiments, small communities, individual users to express their views in lightning talks
  • Discuss new project initiatives which might be launched under the Foundation umbrella
  • Hear national, agency and institutional views
  • Come to consensus and conclusions on the next steps in starting up the HSF.

In order to keep informed of community events like this, please join the following lists:

- HSF forum: general discussions about HSF activities
- HEP Software and Computing community: announcements and various discussions


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